Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do you share...

...the concern of many of us about the downgrading of Religious Education in Britain's schools?

I'm not talking here about RE in Catholic schools - it goes without saying that good RE there should be a priority, and taught with the fullness of Catholic Faith. That is central to the mission of a Catholic school.

No - here I am talking about ordinary schools, not Church schools, but all the other schools in the country.

A genuine and rounded education must include religious education. And, within that, pupils have a right to know, specifically, about the Christian faith - about Jesus Christ and who he was and what he did. They have a right to be taught the central precepts of the Christian faith: without some knowledge of Christianity they cannot undertand Britain's language, culture, history, art, legal and Parliamentary traditions,and much more.

I am involved with an ecumenical Christian group which seeks to help and support teachers. We run an annual Schools Bible Project which has been hugely successful for over twenty years. See info here.

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