Monday, March 21, 2011

A fresh, spring day...

...with bright daffodils suddenly in all sorts of places, and great clouds of white and pink blossom on trees lining suburban roads. But all the time, walking and talking, hurrying to a meeting or chatting gently to Mother, a nagging sense of worry and dread. War surging in a distant land, ghastly media headlines and images of destruction,and a sickening anxiety as to what will be the outcome.

Aerial bombardment creates a sense of superiority: a feeling of invincibility as things explode and destruction is achieved far below. But what really matters is who wins on the ground: who takes control when the noise and explosions are over, who is the long-term gainer.

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Mike Walsh, MM said...

The one foreign policy goal I never seem to hear articulated amidst all this ill-considered sturm und drang, is that ethnic and religious minorities in those states be protected. That's code for "whoever prevails will be held accountable for whatever happens to the Christians." Fat chance.