Monday, February 22, 2010

A weekend...

...visit to friends, a houseful of delightful children and young people,talkative meals with much laughter and fun,a glorious Saturday walk with the sun setting in a wintry sky, a great family hike across snowy fields to Mass on Sunday morning(impossible to get anywhere by car), more friends arriving for Sunday lunch, enchanting toddlers to be enjoyed and cuddled. All this plus various Catholic projects discussed and planned, news swapped, ideas and dreams and hopes and more...

Home late, snow disappearing as we headed south. A late-night enjoyable film on DVD, mugs of tea.

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On the side of the angels said...

Hi , was just wondering if there's any chance you could make a prayer request for all those undergoing interviews this week with the Catholic Voices scrutiny committee?

There are fifty of us; of whom twenty-five will be chosen.
Interviews are spread over Tuesday and Friday Evenings and Saturday daytime.

We're all going through a 'mock interview' with Sky News's Colin Brazier on a particular ethical 'hot-topic' where the Church is at odds with secularism.

Regrettably I have the dreaded Pope/condoms/hiv issue ; but I have to say your 'following day comments' after your incendiary entrapment by Jon Snow are priceless for anyone wishing to reiterate Catholic teaching; and significantly better than most proposed comments/arguments of Catholic commentators elsewhere; comparable with Fr Giuseppe Camarazza in last October's Guardian.

I hate to say this , or to bring up possibly a far-from-fond memory; but I've spent the past five days intensively reading ever article possible on the subject; and I'm deeply concerned at the rise in pragmatism/equivocation from some corners of 'Catholic' commentary.

Therefore I plead with you to please continue with your message at every opportunity ; there are too many dangerously obfuscating the issues.

Thanks & God Bless