Friday, February 26, 2010

London drenching... pouring rain, rather dramatic in its ferocity and remorselessness. A sturdy group with umbrellas and waterproofs of every sort, plus a portable microphone, set off from St Mary Moorfields on the latest in our series of Catholic History Walks. Stations of the Cross at Moorfields - a good-sized congregation at this beautiful and popular church - and then the walkers gathered for a short history walk ... centuries ago this really was a moor on the edge of London, a wild and rough district along the outer edge of the city's Wall, which gave acess to the city through Moorgate. Our walk - no one seemed defeated by the incessant rain - took us to several City churches and to the magnificent Guildhall and site of a Roman amphitheatre ( a couple of decades ago, when it was first excavated, I did a radio broadcast from there for a BBC history feature, standing at the entrance where once wild animals were let into the arena...). We finished on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral - the great clock dramatically chiming the hour as we looked out over London and prayed for our city, our country, our Sovreign, and our Church.

Next Walk: March 10th, 6.30pm, steps of Westminster Cathedral. It will include a look at Parliament. No need to book, just turn up as the 5.30pm Mass ends and join us on the Cathedral steps...We walk whatever the weather, stopping for talks at all interesting historical points along the way. These Walks are a form of pilgrimage, to pray for a revival of the Faith in Britain.So be prepared to appear slightly daft, standing in the rain saying prayers aloud in some prominent place in the middle of London.

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