Wednesday, September 19, 2018

To Portsmouth...

...for a beautiful Mass at the Cathedral, of which more in due course.

But there is something that is somehow sad about this great city - once a glorious name in the story of our Royal Navy. Deo gratias, we do still have some fine ships, and there is an instintive sense of pride that wells up when one thinks of all that the Royal Navy has meant in our country's story... but...

Somehow, so many things in Britain now have a strange, uncomfortable overlay of sloganising, that makes for a sense of things-aren't-what-they-should be. 

The last time I saw an official picture of anyone in naval uniform it was a lesbian lady on a poster in London emphasising that the Navy supported a homosexual and lesbian celebratory event.

Pray for our country.

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Wayne S. said...

Praying, Joanna, for the city of Portsmouth, the Royal Navy... and of course for the Church in Britain, that she may cling to orthodoxy and the timeless values. In these all of the faithful will flourish.