Sunday, September 30, 2018

THE GREAT RETURN... church this mornng, as the Church of the Precious Blood at London Bridge opened its doors wide  to reveal its gleaming new marble floor and sanctuary and the congregation poured in.  Candles glowed and incense wafted up. The children's choir sang from the gallery, the  September sunshine streamed in through the windows, and Father C. blessed the new font and we renewed our baptismal promises with great vigour and were splashed with the newly blessed water. It was glorious and solemn and joyful and a new chapter of the Church's long and splendid mission in London.  I hadn't expected to find it so moving...

Tomorrow members of LOGS, the ladies group based at Precious Blood, will  set off on pilgrimage to Walsingham, where we will place our plans and our hopes - and our concerns and worries and personal prayers and more - into the hands of Christ's mother at the shrine where people have been doing the same for a thousand years.

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