Thursday, September 20, 2018

The government is to choose our next bishops...

....a very, very bad plan.

That's the plan for China, if the stupid and cruel arrangement that seems to have been agreed by the Chinese govt and the Vatican goes ahead.

It's contrary to wisdom and right justice: Christ did not seek that powerful worldly rulers shuld choose who would be the fathers for his flock. He didn't invite Peter to negotiate wth rulers in Rome or Palestine to choose colleagues.

We don't want government - not the Queen, not the Prime Minister, not President Trump, not the European Union rulers, not Vladmimir Putin, not the current head of the People's Republic of China, not any government - choosing Christ's bishops. It has been tried in the past and had mixed results - it's not a mistake that needs to be repeated.

On this blog, I placed a picture of the Pope when he was elected: the idea is to remind us all to pray for him. He needs wisdom, humility, and the courage to do what is right.  He is not popular and is at the core of much controversy: is he being wise and humble, and is he doing what is right? Are you praying?


Di said...

I disagree with you emphatically concerning the popularity of Pope Francis. He is extremely popular here in the United States and we do pray for him. The majority of us pray that he has long and fruitful reign.In my opinion he emulates Jesus more than any pope in history. Read the history of past popes and you'll find that for the most part they were frequently power-hungry and NOT Christ-like. I loved St. John Paul II, but I honestly believe he was so very ill in the few years before he died that those guys in the Vatican ran things.

Anonymous said...

We respectfully, but emphatically disagree with the above comment. The ecclesiastical scandal (confusing the faithful about what is proper in our Catholic faith) promulgated by Pope Francis remains significant and ongoing. The lack of a response to the Dubia concerning reception of Holy Communion to those divorced and remarried without an annulment, the apparent stacking for the upcoming synod for youth, the acquiescing to the Chinese Communist government on the appointment of bishops, and the delayed response to the latest clerical/episcopal scandal/coverup cast grave doubt upon his papacy. Remember, a Polish Pope, a B-grade actor (Reagan), an Iron Lady (Thatcher), and an uneducated shipyard worker (Walensa), with the grace of God, freed millions of people from Communism domination.

Stitcher said...

I'm not sure where "in the states" the first commentor lives but speaking for my group of friends, my parish...Francis is NOT popular. We pray for his conversion every day.