Thursday, February 15, 2018

Miracles and Pope Paul VI...

...and the latest technology concerning unborn babies. Read here.

In life, Bl Paul VI  had many who attacked him in the media and in Catholic gossip. Some tried to slander him viciously, and did not stop even if that involved undermining the Church's unity and mission: the Pope  spoke memorably and sadly of the "smoke of Satan" entering the sanctuary of the Church. He was a Pope in difficult times for the Church. But history is now re-evaluating his life and times: those who still try to sneer at him sound vacuous.

Paul VI gave us the Credo of the People of God, Humanae Vitae, Evangeli Nuntiandi,  and the beginnings of the notion of the Pope as missionary leader of a missionary Church. Along with many pontificates in history, his was marked by unsuccessful attempts at Church/State politicking - ostpolitik was not useful. And the liturgical reform got off to a dreadfully messy start. But that is now finally coming right with younger clergy seeking  dignity, order and beauty in the celebration of the Mass and an audible and visible liturgy having taken root as central to heartfelt prayer. And St John Paul the Great transformed ostpolitik into something quite different the moment he was elected.

Intercession to Bl Paul VI will become part of Catholic life over the next years, and will prove fruitful.

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