Saturday, February 17, 2018


...good grief. What is happening to our poor country? Read here.

Over and over again, in the 1970s and 80s when pornography or the promotion of a homosexuality to children  was discussed,  at any suggestion of control or blocking even the most horrible material, people would cry out that nothing must ever be banned,  any such censorship was evil. And when there was a debate about it, they would say "I disagree with you completely - but I would defend to the death your right to your speak your point of view."

Not any more.The very same people  and organisations, plus new ones, are now calling for rigid censorship, and banning of a point of view they do not like. They do not seek to ban porn,  or sexually explicit material for children. They just want to block opinions they do not share. They just want to silence people who have views that are opposed to their own.

Let us hope that  goodwill, common sense, and freedom of speech will one day prevail.


Dominic N said...

I agree that it's very alarming in several ways. I remember that they recast the Scout Promise five or six years ago, replacing the promise to 'do my duty to God and the Queen' with 'to be true to myself and develop my beliefs'.

This toughening of the methods of promotion of secular progressivist ideas reminds me of a recent article by Mary Eberstadt in the American 'First Things' magazine. Perhaps you have already seen this, but here is a link:

Eberstadt's argument, which I think has a lot to it, is that -

Paganization as we now know it is driven by a new historical phenomenon: the development of a rival faith—a rival, secularist faith which sees Christianity as a competitor to be vanquished, rather than as an alternative set of beliefs to be tolerated in an open society.

But these things can't last for ever: I've a lot of hope that goodwill and common sense will prevail.

Dominic N said...

Sorry, I think I have sent this comment in from the wrong place! I had in mind the article about the Scoutmaster that sounds like a spoof... But similar forces are at work in this case. Sorry for the confusion.