Friday, February 02, 2018

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... a full report of yesterday's event at Church House: read here.

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S.H. said...

"I am sorry Mrs. Treweek did not come to our meeting: as chairman I would have been glad to welcome her. The issue is Bishop George Bell. Mrs. Treweek's opinions on Dr Gomes are honestly not part of this: what is needed is a real building of bridges so that Bishop Bell's true place in history is established. I would be happy to meet Mrs. Treweek to talk about this if she would find it helpful."
It doesn't seem to me to be a good way to start building bridges not to give Rachel Treweek the courtesy of her proper title. Whether or not you approve of the ordination of women, you are not a member of the Church of England and if you are referring to George Bell as Bishop then you should do the same for Rachel Treweek. Is it any wonder that she did not come to a meeting chaired by someone who does not even acknowledge who she is and her place in the church?