Sunday, December 24, 2017

Much of...

... the media/journalism comment this Christmas consists of:
- suggestions and recipes for ever more lavish and luxurious food and feasting, some of it weirdly obsessive, sort of food-porn
- aren't-I-clever features on How I Hate Christmas and Will be spending the Day Loathing It/Doing Something Else/On a Luxury Holiday Abroad/ etc etc etc
- features on how to cope with suitable gifts for  step-parents, same-sex partners, not-quite-in-laws, and so on.

And the most stupid blurb of all came in a newspaper showing some people who were eating a celebration dinner on Dec 21st to mark the Solstice, a festival which the newspaper claimed is "celebrated worldwide". No it isn't.    Across Africa and the Americas, Australasia, much of South Asia, and even dying Europe, churches will be filled on December 24th/25th and carols sung and praise given to God for the birth of our Saviour. The number of people marking December 21st and the solstice is so tiny (at a guess,  few well-do-do British people dressing up as Druids) as to be irrelevant.

So the message from this blog is:


because God Himself, the creator of all things, loves us so much that He came to be with us, to share in our lives, to love and suffer with us for us...


Malcolm said...

I've often wondered why Christmas isn't exactly on the solstice, or for that matter co-incident with New Year. New Year does have the good effect of stretching the celebrations out over the twelve days.
Just back from Midnight Mass, hence the timing of this post.

Dominic N said...

Amen! Merry Christmas to you as well! I don't often comment but always read and enjoy your blog.