Saturday, December 16, 2017

In an incredibly packed Oxford Street...

...a splendid group from Youth 2000 gathered to sing carols. They had put out a call for any supporter to turn up and help, and it was a joy to do so. They sang, they jingled tambourines, they strummed on guitars, and they sang all the traditional carols...and handed out  striped Christmas candy-sticks to passers-by, with a joyful Scripture message.

As I left, the sound of their joyful "Sing Hosanna!" rose about the surge of the crowd beneath the glittering Christmas lights...a delight.

The entrance to Oxford Circus tube station was too packed to approach, so I went on to Piccadilly Circus. The lights in Regent Street depict glorious Christmas angels and are superb. Hopped on a bus, got to Piccadilly, but the station was similarly jam-packed -  no hope of getting anywhere near a train. I ended up walking to Westminster, past a silent and deserted Horseguards and a dark St James' Park.  The Foreign Office was dark, but all the lights were on in Downing Street - clearly people working busily there.

Home exhausted, carrying my own modest Christmas shopping (from M and S, and the gift-shop at Westminster Cathedral, since you ask - tho' I have also been doing lots of shopping elsewhere for various Christmassy things).  On a rainy night, gratitude for a warm home and mugs of tea.

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Sandy said...

Sounds like you had a chilly festive outing. Hope you have a joy-filled and blessed Advent-Christmas !