Saturday, November 21, 2015

The followers of Mohammed...

...who believe passionately in establishing a Caliphate  to include Britain, are doubtless busy planning their next move.

I squeezed on to a busy train manouvering a large suitcase on wheels, a cup of coffee misguidedly bought at the station, a backpack, and a newspaper. People were kind and helped  to mop up spilt coffee, offered me a seat, and were chatty and pleasant. London at its best can be very agreeable.

How much, I mused, am I  helping to uphold Christianity by ferrying jars of home-made jam, wrapped in towels, across the London suburbs?

The jam - including Auntie's best-yet Bramble Jelly and Apple Cheese - is destined for sale at the Towards Advent Festival at Westminster Cathedral Hall next weekend. A rather modest contribution to the front-line defence of Christianity. I suppose it's the sort of thing that tiresome Catholic ladies have been doing since the Acts of the Apostles.  After storing the jam in its temporary home while it awaits onward delivery to the Festival, I joined a team delivering leaflets around The Borough. The leaflets give information about the local church and times of Masses etc. One group of flats proved difficult to access, so I clambered over the railings. A mistake, as I blackened my hands and clothes. It took a good while to get the stuff off...I think the railings are painted to help deter burglars.

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-excellent, Mrs.Bogle.