Monday, November 23, 2015

I was travelling back from Liverpool...

...when I read about the blocking of the "Our Father" thing (see below). The organisation that made the decision is called Digital Cinema Media and its website says "Come and say hello at 350 Euston Road  London NW1 3AX"  so I thought I would do so. It wasn't hard to find:  posh office building about 5 minutes' walk from Euston.

They aren't really expecting visitors, and the idea that I might just come and say hello obviously baffled them a bit, but they were perfectly polite. They have a couple of  jars of popcorn on the reception desk and comfy chairs for visitors.   They sent a young lady to talk to me, who was very polite and  when I asked why the "Our Father"  feature had been banned, she said what she had been told to say about their policy having been in place for a very long time, and that it applied to all religious and political advertisments. I think it was rather unfair of the company to make her say that, as  apparently the truth is that the feature was gladly agreed back in July and then suddenly banned a while later.   But it is possible that the newspapers have got it all wrong, and the company planned to ban it from the beginning.

She is a nice young lady and I gave her my name and email and she said the company would be in touch with me. I do hope they are.

If Britain is going to be caught in in difficult times over the next few years, it is possible that people will need the message of hope, forgiveness, and freedom from fear that this old prayer - which has been in place for a very long time - can give. I really am interested in why the people at DCM want to prevent it from being shown in cinemas.

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