Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A visit...

...to this school in Liverpool on Monday, to present prizes won by pupils in the 2015 Schools Bible Project. A warm welcome, and I was impressed with the school - an independent initiative, offering an excellent education.

I travelled to Liverpool on Sunday evening, staying overnight at the Adelphi Hotel...a magnificent great place with a majestic feel, worthy of the city's days as the great Atlantic port.   Huge rooms for banquets and dances, enormous staircases and mile after mile of vast, rather intimidating, carpeted corridors. My room was inexpensive but comfortable: all I wanted or needed was a  bath, a cup of tea and a sandwich, and good sleep, all of which I got. One felt that the hotel's glory days may already have passed....but staff were friendly, busy and efficient and it seems that conferences and dinners and so on continue to flourish there: it would certainly be a superb venue for any major event or celebration.

Judging by the shrieks and yells of drunken girls in the streets late at night, however, Liverpool now is like other British cities and towns at weekends: the aim is not style and fun and having a special evening, but simply getting completely drunk and possibly being sick in the street.  Which is depressing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna

Family commitments took me to Reading for several days this week and, having been in London on both outward and return journeys, I can't justify a return to the big smoke this weekend. So I'm afraid I won't be at Towards Advent after all but trust it will be another terrific occasion bringing lots of people and organisations together.

I will continue to try and find out what is happening vis a vis ACW ...!

Best wishes and have an inspiring and prayerful Advent, Rachel.

MZGigi3 said...

Hi Joanna,

I thought you might find the following link on the Catholic roots of Thanksgiving in America interesting.


O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

Julia Smissen from Colorado