Monday, August 31, 2015

To Somerset...

...on a family visit.Terribly crowded train on the way back, because some of the railway staff were on strike, so some trains were cancelled....but although the passengers were packed rather tightly, everyone was in good humour, and the journey as actually rather fun...a tired child was given safe refuge on a stranger's lap, some one shared out bottles of water and packets of shortbread, we all chatted and swapped jokes...the staff were all helpful, there was a good atmosphere. I think it was partly because the train was not too hot, and there was somehow a gently Autumnal end-of-holidays mood. At Reading people even squeezed up a bit to let on even more passengers. At Paddington people helped one another with luggage. Sometimes it really does feel as though we do share a common home in Britain and can cope together.

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