Thursday, August 13, 2015

COME AND HEAR about the courage...

...of  Brigettine nuns who hid a Jewish family in their convent in Rome in WWII.

A talk, based on the book Courage and Conviction, at Friday September 4th, 7pm, at the Brigettine Convent Guest House , Iver Heath. 

All welcome - no need to book, just come!

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Anthony said...

Talking of courage, I recommend to you and others a brilliant and inspiring talk recently given by the heroic Robert P. George at Hillsdale College in the USA. It is entitled "Consequences of an Idea: The Social Cost of Re-defining Marriage".

George, following his equally heroic mentor John Finnis, is the most effective pro-life and Christian (he is Catholic) ethical apologist operating today, by a wide margin in my opinion. The talk is available on YouTube and, though it lasts just over an hour, its message is one all opponents of secular oppression must heed.