Monday, August 17, 2015

I've had...

...a reassuring reply from my Member of Parliament, to whom I wrote about the planned change in the law to permit people to assist in the killing of gravely ill friends and relatives.

He plans to vote against the law. Have you written to your MP to be asurred that he or she will do the same?

My letter said, in part:

When some one dies there are all sorts of consequences - including, sometimes, considerable financial advantages for relatives, and the removal of all sorts of inconveniences that have resulted from the person's illness. The reasons for our laws against encouraging people to kill themselves are not only moral (reflecting our Judeo-Christian heritage) but also practical - society needs to protect itself against the nasty side of human nature.
Most of us at some stage will have to care for some one who is gravely ill, or thoroughly miserable, or both. Old age in itself produces much in the way of suffering and discomfort. It is extremely important that we are not encouraged to help such people to kill themselves. Care, love, and a recognition of the inherent value of human beings have hall marked our official and personal  attitudes to illness and suffering and Britain will become a very frightening place if this ceases.
Of course all sorts of apparently humanitarian arguments will be presented in favour of the planned change in the law, but I do very much hope that as a responsible Member of Parliament you will take the longer view and vote against this.

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