Monday, December 17, 2012

This will be...

...a rather solemn Christmas. Britain is at a tragic and ghastly stage in history. We are dying: fewer children are being born than is neccessary to keep us alive as a nation.  A large number are killed every week as babies in the womb. The government is planning a scheme to redefine marrriage, forcing all public officials to pretend that two men or two women can marry, with penalties for anyone who points out that this is nonsense. The planned law will also threaten religious freedom, with huge implications.

The Catholic Church in Britain is surprisingly strong, given the social climate in which it lives, and Mass attendance figures this Christmas will reflect that. But in general Christianity in our country is not thriving and people increasingly have a sense that they are not allowed to express their Christian faith openly at work  or even in any public place.

Large numbers of children will not spend Christmas with their natural parents. Large numbers of grandparents will not see their grandchildren this Christmas or at any other time during the coming year. Divorce, cohabitation, and the normalising of casual sexual encounters have combined to cause a range of social dislocations which have produced much human misery.

This will be a solemn Christmas.

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