Monday, December 17, 2012

"Dear Mr Cameron...

....I appreciate how politically difficult it can be to undertake a U-turn and to sustain the attendant criticism such would bring. But when it is a matter of the truth, and the reasons are cast-iron clear, a U-turn would be hailed by history only as brave and courageous. This is why, like a Thomas a Becket appealing to Henry II, I do not hesitate to ask you to consider doing what is the right and just thing to do"

Thus  Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth, writing to the Prime Minister, on the Government's grim and ghastly plans to redfine marriage, to cause social misery and to threaten religious freedom. You can read the whole letter here.

The feast of St Thomas a Becket comes up soon, in this Christmas season.

Think again, Cameron.

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Manny said...

I am not a British citizen so I can't and won't advacate a political opinion to a country that I can in no way understand the nuiances of its culture and traditions. I am a Conservative politically and by nature. I can say that if a Conservative politician had done all that in the United States, I would activily campaign toward his defeat, first with the political party and then second in the general election.