Thursday, December 06, 2012

St Nicholas' Day... I left a parcel with bags of (chocolate) gold coins on the doorstep of friends, knocked on the door and heard the children scuffling to answer it, and hurried off up the street in the December darkness.. Satisfying.

Depressing news as the Govt seems intent on its insane plan to redefine marriage.

Evensong and Mass with Ordinariate group, and a lively get-together in the pub afterwards. Everyone cheerful, lots to discuss (liturgy: they want the Mass they are used to, ie the  Ordinary Form of the Roman rite in English, with good music). Things got gloomy when conversation turned to current political/state of the nation scene...Govt's ghastly schemes (see above), increasing intolerance of public expressions of Christianity, etc. One member of the group had just been at her grandson's school concert - a "Winter Concert" with no mention of the Nativity whatever. Not  carol, not a crib scene, nothing. It was a big community event bringing together several schools including some Catholic ones.



Jane Mash said...

Joanna, you make Catholic life in England sound so full of laughter and friendship and good times. I love to read your blog. Evensong! Oh, to be in England. Your joy is the best evangelical method ever. Keep up the good work.

Lorraine said...

Auntie Joanna,
You make the Catholic life what it should be and often isn't, Joyful!
Thank you and God Bless you.

You are a joy to read and a breath of fresh air!