Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Spent today... and around London. First, a visit to Oliver House, a delightful small prep school overlooking Clapham Common. Then on to central London, and a visit to St Paul's Cathedral - all surrounded with muddle and chaos because of the tented Occupation. It looks a mess. But everyone concerned - public, police, clergy, campers - are being Very Consciously Tolerant and Friendly. I was actually there because I needed to collect something from the gift shop. And in the cathedral itself musicians were tuning up for a big service involving lots of choirs and instrumentalists. It was all somehow a rather surreal experience.

By bus to Kensington for a meeting. The Number 11 goes down Ludgate Hill and along Fleet Street - we passed St Mary-le-Strand and I realised for the umptenth time that I have never bothered to cross to the traffic island on which it stands and peek in. It's said to be a masterpiece of English baroque, and there it stands reproachfully, doors open, and no one going in...

Golden leaves were scattering down as we rounded Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall past the Cenotaph, past another encampment in Parliament Square, and so up Victoria Street. Yesterday I was at the bookshop next to Westminster Cathedral and my book on Blessed John Paul is in the window. (Have you bought your copy yet? Ideal Christmas gift).

The Kensington meeting was re. the Ordinariate. Fund-raising. We gotta get serious about this. Most Catholics haven't got the remotest idea of how significant this Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is, what it means after 400 years, what promise it holds. Much talking and planning: modest but useful things organised for early 2012, more to follow.

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