Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent... gathering pace, and next Sunday, in our parish, we'll have the blessing of the bambini. This tradition was established by our excellent parish priest a couple of years ago, and is something that ought to catch on everywhere: you bring the infant Jesus from your family nativity crib to Mass for a special blessing. Simple, beautiful, and memorable - and it establishes the whole point of having a crib.


Di said...

Absolutely a marvelous idea! Am going to suggest it to our pastor for next Christmas. Thanks so muchfor letting us know about it.

therese said...

Hi Joanna,
I left a comment yesterday concerning the following and would like to add my suggestions as to how to remedy the problem. You had on the EWTN Advent show, "Feasts amd Seasons" figgy pudding with the coins in it. In England, people are familiar with the practice, but Americans andother viewers are not.You said that you didn't think it would harm anyone if they ate the coins. I suggest that you put a vice-over saying that it could be harmsful (choking and other problems if swallowed0 or that text be added to the bottom of the screen saying that it is a hazard.
I enjoy your show and will be reading you on the Internet.