Friday, December 09, 2011

An excellent evening at...

...the Catholic Voices Academy , which is held at the London centre of the University of Notre Dame, just off Trafalgar Square. It's a splendid venue, with a large room where we all gather for the lectures which are followed by a social time and glass of wine. Then many go for a meal together nearby, and the talk goes on until late.

This evening Catholic Voices looked at the whole question of the persecution of Christians in various parts of the world, with speakers from Aid to the Church in Need.

Trafalgar Square now has its large glittering Christmas Tree, and in front of it a platform has been erected on which last night a group of singers led carols. With the familiar tunes, and Londoners gathered under a frosty sky, and the roar of London traffic all around, and gusts of chilly wind, I lingered en route to the Notre Dame building. Another Catholic Voices chap had done the same and we greeted one another and enjoyed the scene. For a while, it all felt like the Britain of old, not like therather crude and bleak one that we mostly experience in 2011.


Delia said...

Can anyone go to these lectures? Or are they part of the preparation programme? Can't work it out from the Website.

blueeyes said...

delia, i think i you click the link in the post for Catholic Voices, you will get more information on the organization.

Joanna Bogle Fan