Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The sea and the hills...

...and picking the first of this summer's blackberries. A glorious concert in a beautiful old church on a summer's evening. Family time, and chattering nieces. A wonderful afternoon on a gusty beach, splashing in and out of the sea. Moonlight over a meadow, and cheerful friendly families camping. A packed church for Sunday Mass, the usual congregation swollen by numbers of holidaymakers, lots and lots of children.

It's easy to believe, sometimes, that everything really is all right and that behind the ghastly headlines about church scandals, and the drunken scenes in town centres on Saturday nights, and the figures for family breakup, everything is solidly in place and a future for church and nation is assurred. I am not confident. But it was a beautiful weekend in a lovely part of England, a special family time which was important and will be cherished by us all.


Manny said...

Well, may God bless both our nations. Mine is the USA and we seem to both be in trouble.

Malcolm McLean said...

I think we've had a breather with the eviction of New Labour from Government. (The irony was that Tony Blair was a convert).

The Conservatives don't want to create a brave new society which is drastically different from the Britain of the past.

However the problems are on hold, not disappeared.