Monday, July 19, 2010

Now here's a chance...

...for you to do some good.

The Evangelium conference for Catholic young people takes place in three weeks' time. It's a great event,bringing together young people in an atmosphere of lively discussion, joy and faith, and it is playing an important part in the re-evangelising of our country.

If you want to attend, simply click on to that link.

If you are older, and want to do some good, please PLEASE consider helping with a donation which would enable a young person to attend. The fee is not high, but it is just a bit more than some young people can afford. Can you help? Send a Comment to this Blog WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO WHICH I CAN REPLY and I will tell you how to make a donation. We are able to accept funds from the USA as well as from Britain.

If you love Britain, and want to help to renew and revive the Christian faith in this country, this is your chance to do something quietly useful and positive. Even a modest donation of £10 would make a difference...

1 comment:

kee said...

Hello Joanna
I had said I would help out here, but today realised that the conference is over.
Sorry about that- it slipped my mind. But I will try to make amends by donating some money via your sponsored silence for the papal visit.