Wednesday, July 07, 2010

OK,'s how to do it...

On Sunday July 18th, I am taking a vow of silence for the whole day.

I'll be in Westminster Cathedral, where I'm doing a SPONSORED SILENCE to help raise funds for the Pope's visit.

You can come and join me, but I won't talk to you. I'll be in the chapel of St Joseph and the Holy Family. There'll be a box for donations. Be generous. Get you friends to come. Bring your Rosary, and stay for a while and pray with me.

The Sponsored Silence will be announced at all the Masses at the Cathedral on that day. I will be attending the first Mass of the day, and the last words I'll say will be the response to the dismissal:"Thanks be to God". Then it's silence until the Cathedral closes at 7pm

We will be praying for the success of the Holy Father's visit.

Come and join in! Or join in with some prayers at home.

I suspect that my friends and family can't believe that the most talkative woman in London can actually remain silent for a whole day. Let's see...


Manny said...

It would be way too hard for me and my big mouth to remain silent for a day, even if I could attend. I live in a different country altogether. But I wish you success.

Dawn said...

I love it! Work with prevent me from doing a full day, but I can certainly do the morning hours before I go to work.

And it will be perfecting timing. On the 19th I will be meeting with members of the Cause for Archbishop Sheen's board and watching the documentary that they have made. I will be praying both for the Holy Father's visit to Britain (which of course includes the canonization of Cardinal Newman) and for the cause of Bishop Sheen.

All three of these servants of God have enriched the Church so much with their style and ministries and lives.


Glenna said...

Joanna, I'll be praying with you tomorrow from across the pond. I've been praying for the Holy Father's visit to you in Sept for several months bc it seems like he's going into enemy territory!