Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Something lovely for Christmas...

...is this beautiful colouring-book Meet the Angels. It has the most fabulous illustrations that a child will really enjoy colouring. Do get it! An ideal stocking-filler. Details here.

I also like the booklet The Mass Illustrated for Children which is in a similar style. Parish priests: it would be a great buy for a First Communion class (discounts for 25 copies or more).


Kristin said...

Dear Joanna,
I love your blog, and look forward to reading it everyday. I do have a question,what would be a good Confirmation gift for a young girl?

Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna,

I'm a big fan of yours! I have enjoyed both your Advent and Lent "Feasts and Seasons" shows on EWTN so much that I've bought them both on DVD! These shows have really helped me to recapture the joy and true meaning of Advent and Lent.

I have two questions for you:

1.) Would you please consider doing MORE of these shows for EWTN? I, for one, would love to see you discuss other saints and holidays in a manner similar to your Advent and Lent series. PLEASE consider making more of these shows!

2.) What is the difference between these two books of yours: "A Book of Feasts and Seasons" and "A Yearbook of Seasons and Celebrations"? Do they overlap in content or are they completely different books?

Thanks so much for your wonderful voice of sanity and hope in this crazy world! Please know that your voice is truly appreciated!



Joanna Bogle said...

1.Confirmation gift. My instinct would be to trawl through a good Catholic bookshop or Catholic publishers' websites. (Ignatius, for example?)Everyone should have a copy of the Compendium of the Catholic Catechism, in hardback (here in Britain the CTS does a beautiful version).The Jon Voight film about John Paul II is very good and might make an unusual and valued gift.

2.I fly to the USA in January to make a new series of "Feasts and Seasons" tackling summer feasts.

3.My "Book of Seasons and Celebrations" is an updated version of "Feasts and Seasons" with much new material.So there is some overlap.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna,

Thanks for answering our questions. I'm thrilled to hear that you will be filming a new series of "Feasts and Seasons!" Good for you! (And good for us!) And thanks for clarifying about the books... I will be buying your updated book in the near future.

Peter (in the U.S., by the way)