Saturday, December 13, 2008

To Battersea... the Salesian College, where two boys had gained special awards in the 2008 Schools Bible Project. These were presented at an Assembly in the school's beautiful small chapel, an enchanting building, with a vaguely Pugin feel. I hugely enjoyed my visit, was made most welcome.

In a sometimes vicious and ugly Britain, it is something to start the day with a group of school pupils gathered for prayer. The whole atmosphere of this big school is pleasant and friendly.It was a great start to the day.

Later, after a busy afternoon, a glorious gathering for carol singing at Victoria station. This is huge fun every year. We raise money for various children's charities. Bulk of the carollers come from St Joseph's parish, Roehampton, and they are terrific. We made a gladsome sound - a great railway statio actually has wonderful accoustics! Organiser is Yvonne Windsor, and she makes it all most enjoyable, with flasks of tea at half-time, and a sense of the fun of it all. I wore a Santa Claus hat and conducted...

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John the organist said...

Oh I passed through on my wat to serve at 6.00 at the cathedral. Yes the sound was indeed good, would loved to have joined in but time was pressing.Liz, wife of organist librarian.