Friday, December 19, 2008

Carol singing... Victoria Station. We were only a small group, mostly male, and rather elderly - but we had a lady with an accordion, and a good conductor, so we did rather well. Among the crowds surging past I suddenly spotted fellow-blogger Damian Thompson. I caught his eye and, grinning, he dutifully made a donation and gave us a cheery wave. I bet he doesn't mention us on his Blog...

We had lots of good reactions. One nice lady popped into Smiths and emerged with a box of chocolates for us! Some young girls, giggling, joined us for a few moments, grabbing hymn-books with enthusiasm...but only for long enough for a friend to take their pictures on her mobile phone, amid more giggles...almost everyone who had children with them stopped to let the children enjoy the carols and gave the children coins to drop into our bucket...another chap, with a fine singing voice, joined us for two or three carols and was a real asset, we were sorry when he had to go to get his train.

It was cold, and got a bit tiring after two hours' solid singing, but was most worthwhile, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. When we had finished a last rendition of "Adeste Fideles", and "We wish you a merry Christmas", we passed round the chocs and hugely enjoyed them. Christine, the conductor, gave the rest of the box to me, so on the train going home, I announced in the carriage that I'd been with a group singing carols, and that we'd been given these sweets, and would anyone like one, and the box went round and people grinned and enjoyed them, and said nice things like "Merry Christmas", why can't life be like that more often?


John the organist said...

I must be following your singing. Once again on the way to the cathrdral this evening!!! liz.

Anonymous said...

Oh Joanna you are marvellous. Passing chocolates around the carriage!
And I bet everyone in that carriage was wishing the same thing as you: "why can't that sort of thing happen more often?"