Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wed Oct 11th
Staying overnight at Coniston, University residence run by Opus Dei. This meant the bonus of having early morning Mass absolutely on hand - chapel in fact right next to my room. Also - and this is really nice - there is a sort of upstairs gallery overlooking the chapel, with the entrance on our floor, so one can go in late at night and there is the sanctuary lamp glowing.

It's a plain fact, though, that when some one knocked on my door this morning and announced that Mass was in half an hour, instead of thinking "Oh, how lovely!" I thought "Oh. I'd thought of sleeping late, actually", because it was sort of nice not being at home and having to get on with ordinary things in a busy way as one generally does. (For your info, those who are interested in my spiritual life...yes, I did get up.)

Kind people here, pleasant breakfast, use of computer to get on with some work so the morning isn't wasted.

News as I trawl Internet: the H. Father says in a message to a conference in Rome that we must make good use of modern communications, praises the work of Catholic TV stations etc...this is encouragement for all of us who work in the media. We do need, as Catholics, to claim the space here , and it's great that there is so much good material on the Internet and on the (now vast) range of media sources - as I keep explaining to anyone who will listening, getting your news only via the BBC means you don't really know what's going on. This is especially true when religious issues are involved: too many people with their own agenda concerning the Church, especially ex-Catholics, lapsed Catholics, Catholicswhofeelawfulandcan'tbringthermselvestogettoconfession etc etc.

Which brings me to the question of this Blog. I am Not Happy with it: as regular readers will know, there have been technical difficulties, and I am thus not using all, or even any, of the facilities available such as links to other blogs, etc. A fellow-blogger (young, of course, and male, of course - there don't seem to be many Auntie-like bloggers around) has offerred to give me some help and we hope to have a session at an Internet Cafe in London. Content of this blog is also sometimes poor, and indeed trivial, though Jamie insists that the latter is fine :"People like reading about you whizzing about on your bike and enthusing about Catholic things. It's exhausting, but reassurring."


Anonymous said...

Joanna, please don't change the style of your blog - it is very accessible, reassuring and enjoyable. The technical stuff (working links etc) will enhance it. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much. Being somewhat of an Anglophile (in the genes, I think. My Grandmother was born in Gamlingay, Cambs.) I love to picture the settings you describe. I sometimes wish you carried a little digital camera to take snaps and post them along with your narrative, but then I wonder if the actuality would be as perfectwhat my mind is picturing.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Agreed- it's lovely:)

Have just found your show on EWTN via their audio library, too.

I'm with anon #1... keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need humour, everyday happenings which helps us to cope with our ups and downs and thus will encourage us to read all the important,relevant and serious issues - there being so many issues today, we need a balance.

Rich Leonardi said...

Listen to Jamie. There are countless Catholic blogs, many of which have the warmth of a trip to the dentist. Yours is refreshingly different from that perspective.

By the way, I will be traveling to the November history conference in Columbus, Ohio -- Saturday only -- and look forward to seeing you and Mr. Bogle.

Anonymous said...

There are a ton of Catholic blogs with weighty news items & weightier (& sometimes just plain mean!) combox opinions & moderators. Please don't change this one. Its very refreshing in the middle of a nurse's hectic day.

Terry Nelson said...

Well, as an American again, I absolutely love your blog and your husband is correct. You make very interesting points amidst the minutia of your daily life - reminds me of how a Spanish nun once wrote - Teresa of Avila. Don't change a thing. You have already influenced my perspective.
God bless you and Jamie and your family.
(Yes do the techie things, but continue your writing in your wonderful style.)

Anonymous said...

No problem with the style of the blog - it's what everyone expects and you have lots of interesting bits and pieces in with the "human interest" stories.

Doing links and putting in pictures is not difficult. Half an hour in an internet café will be plenty of time.

BTW don't forget to put a title on your posts. It can be fun being your own sub-editor :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and reading of your adventures as you spread the Faith!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a sterling job, Joanna. Your diary is clearly full what with promoting good causes, spreading the faith, and generally building communion and enjoying life. Thank you for letting us share in it.

Anonymous said...

do not change a thing. I love the way you write. i like mary am brought imto a different world. God bless you