Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Oct 5th
Have you SENT IN YOUR COMPLAINT TO THE BBC yet re the Panorama programe on Saturday evening which claimed that the Pope was involved in covering up crimes of pederasty?

All you have to do is to tap "BBC complaints" into Google and you will be given clear directions.

Please don'ty just sit at your computer whizing comfortably around the Catholic blogs....that is not how things are achieved. Write to the BBC now instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,

Great to hear you and get a chance to chat on Sunday.

Here is the text of my complaint to the BBC, in case it is useful as a template for you or others to use.

All the best.

Panorama has undermined its reputation for objectivity by producing this programme. The series of journalistic tricks, tendentious selections, taking things out of context, editing interviews, not citing significant dates, etc, are tendentious and worthy of sensational gutter journalism, utterly devaluing a programme which bases its reputation on objectivity and in-depth investigation. I have had a growing feeling that Panorama has lowered its standards, confirmed whenever it has covered issues about which I have particularly close or specialised knowledge; now this is the last straw. Panorama no longer has any credibility for me, and if this is supposed to be the flagship of BBC television's journalistic excellence, then the whole institution's reputation in my eyes logically must fall by the same token. Well done, Panorama producers: you have disillusioned one more BBC viewer /listener by abusing my trust in your integrity. Who knows how many others have felt the same as me, but may have not taken the trouble to write about it, simply quietly turned away to try and find more reliable sources of news.