Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Oct 13th
Golly. Home after a busy day yesterday and overnight stay with relatives. Quick chance to write blog....all lovely, kind comments noted. Will continue to try to do some good with this blog without further wobble.

Yesterday morning was spent in Purley, cycling round distributing copies of my book to members of Catholic Women's Group who had ordered them last week....thought this would save postage but probably, whatwith time spent away from desk plus money spent on cups of coffee for refreshment, it hasn't saved a thing. It was lovely, though. This is my home patch - my brother went to the John Fisher School in Purley and I have lots of friends living there. I had forgotten it was so hilly! It's really the foothills of the North Downs, especially as you get up towards Riddlesdown. Because of the hills (all old settlements of course are by rivers) I have always thought of Purley as "new" - mosts houses there are 1900s/20s at the earliest. I toiled up and down Foxley Lane, Purley Bury Avenue, etc....when all books delivered I thought of cycling over the hill and down to Wallington to see Mother but was too hot....and will be with her on Saturday when we go to the Rosary Rall (starts 2pm Westminster Cathedral, walk through London, finishes with Benediction at Brompton Oratory, sermon by Fr Tim Finigan. Why not join us?)

Hurried home, dealt with letters etc. Trying to encourage schools to take part in Catholic Young Writer Award (send message to this Blog if interested....sorry, UK schools only!). Then train to London as I had promised to care for small niece while her parents went out for the evening. E. is an enchanting child, and we had a cheery time doing school homework on ancient Romans. I explained what BC and AD meant. She is v. interested in Christianity....


Anonymous said...

I do wish I could join you for the Rosary Rall. I'd love to see Westminster Cathedral and Brompton Oratory. Was in London twice but couldn't get to either--though was very close to both. By the way, what's a Rall?

Anonymous said...

The Rosary Crusade is loosely referred to as the Rosary Rally - it has been going for more years than I care to remember and is so much part of our lives that those who take part most years are comfortable in calling it a Rosary Rally although, of course, we mustn't forget its purpose is to pray for the Reparation of Sinners (us)