Tuesday, January 01, 2019

On New Year's Day...

...an evening Mass at this church, very crowded. Beautiful Christmas garlands highlighting the fine gothic interior.  For the sheer pleasure of it, I walked part of the way there carrying a lantern. Met some friends at Mass and exchanged New Year greetings...they offered me a lift back which I accepted...candle in lantern now nearly expiring.

Mulled wine at home, supper, and gratitude for a beautiful Christmastide with rest and relaxation, family and friends.

I'm busy with various writing projects...and have another History Walk tomorrow...

Looking at the reality of Britain as 2019 opens...the collapse of  important social and moral values in community life, the inanity and vulgarity of so much of our common culture, the problems facing the Church...and more...there are plenty of serious things about which to pray...and there will be a need for courage among Christians in the years ahead. This Christmas has been a time to be grateful for everyday mercies and to stock up, as it were, on Christian inspiration, with lots of faith hope and charity for whatever is coming.

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