Friday, January 25, 2019


...the reputation of Bishop George Bell has emerged untarnished following a report into the unfounded allegations made against him. A statue of this great man - a truly noble figure, who helped refugees fleeing Nazi oppression and spoke up for true justice and decency in war - is to be installed in Canterbury Cathedral.

It would be right for the Archbishop of Canterbury to offer a proper apology for the way in which the memory of Bishop Bell was smeared. An opportunity will present itself when the statue is installed, and we must hope that he takes it.

I was glad to chair a meeting at Church House, Westminster, defending the reputation of Bishop Bell last year. Worth doing, and I found it moving to hear people who knew him, and/or knew of his life and work in detail, speaking of him.

The name of George Bell House in Chichester should now be restored, and a school bearing his name should now use it once more with honour.

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