Saturday, September 12, 2015


...for the vote against the assisted-killing-of-gravely-ill-people plan in the House of Commons.

Parliament has spoken. Under our constitution, Parliament makes our laws.

Let us insist that this rejection of legalised killing will not be undermined by some sleight of hand through an announcement by some piece of "European Union" bureaucracy, or a sudden random decision by officialdom or whatever.

A brief and readable analysis of the topic here.


IndividualHumanDignityAboveState said...

Joanna, we in the states are facing the same attacks to human dignity and self-respect. Unfortunately, the unwearied, the uninformed, the unchristian are being manipulated by the supporters and proponents for the euthanasia of the terminally ill by tugging at our emotional strings with a false sense of "compassion" for the suffering while forgetting the basic rights to life and not death, unless it is a natural one intended by God himself. Medicine and health care providers replace care of the sick and the aged with murder instead of providing hope through the development of medications and treatment options that help patients deal with their pain and instead choose to act as modern grim reapers exchanging scalpels for sickles. Going to a hospital or any doctor soon will be a death sentence whether one chooses to or not since doctors will soon "decide" for us who lives and who dies. Many doctors already play GOD by mismanaging patients' treatments when reducing medications or failing to provide and refer patients for mush needed conventional and non-conventional treatments that may help patients deal with pain.

Malcolm said...

The problem isn't really legalised killing. It's State-approved suicide. That's far more insidious. Governments kill the inconvenient all the time, it's nothing new, we've always dealt with it. State-sponsored suicide is new. A parallel is maybe the Japansese kamikaze, but that was altruistic suicide in support of a perceived greater national good.