Sunday, September 27, 2015

As I approached...

...Westminster Cathedral for Mass this morning, I was unexpectedly hailed by a friend, Delia, (who is secretary of the Catholic Writers' Guild) so we went in together. It is a good while since I went to the main sung Sunday High Mass at the Cathedral, and it was every bit as glorious as I remembered...choirboys  in crisp white surplices walking in procession, filling that vast space with song, sunlight pouring down on the chancel from the windows high up in the apse, candles glittering, incense wafting. And for any  Catholic Londoner, there is a sense of being at home here.

Later I met the excellent Daniel Cooper of John Fisher School fame and we lunched together. His magnificent work for the Faith Movement is still bearing fruit...he has invited me to speak to the Faith Club there in October and it will be a joy and privilege to do so.

A golden September day: I spent rhe afternoon with a beloved elderly relative, and the walk home in cool Autumnal air with leaves fluttering down was so beautiful.

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Very nice blog Joanna

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