Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Tyburn Lecture... an annual event organised by the splendid nuns at Tyburn Convent.  Each year it is given by a prominent figure in British public life. This year's lecture, held a few days ago,  took up the theme of freedom, on this 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. A superb address - read here, examining the trial of  the heroic St Edmund Campion, and his defence of freedom, especially freedom of expression.

It is always a crowded gathering: I only just squeezed in at the back. Afterwards, the beaming nuns serve drinks and delicious food and there is a great chatter of's a grand gathering of men and women of the Church in England. It was particular pleasure to be greeted by Sister Margaret - who taught me at St Philomena's,...and to talk to Br Samuel Burke of the splendid young Godzdogz team...

A warm London evening, and it seemed a pity to hurry to the Tube. I set out to walk, sharing part of the route with Mgr Keith Newton of the Ordinariate, going bac to Warwick Street. Lots to talk about, after a great lecture with a sweep of history and large ideas...


Julia Smissen said...

Hi Joanna,

I'm participating in a pilgrimage from St. Thomas More Parish in Colorado in June to the sites of some of the Catholic Martyrs in England. Here is the link;

What is interesting is that EWTN starts the 5 part series, Catholic London, today.

I enjoy watching your different series on EWTN and thank you for your witness!


Patricia Claus said...

I just went on my own pilgrimage to England, to the sites associated with my recusant English family including St. Robert Southwell. Wish I could go on another pilgrimage, to all the English martyr sites.

So sorry I couldn't be there for the Tyburn lecture. Thanks Joanna for all your writings and your excellent London series on EWTN. Loved the Tower episode which featured the Jesuit martyrs and mentioned St Robert. It was so well done and meant so much to me!