Thursday, May 07, 2015


at this university.   We gathered at the Chapel-in-the-Woods in pale May sunshine, students and staff, young  voices singing  " Virgin Mary, by God's decree... Ave, Ave, Maria..." .  The chapel (18th century) is tiny, and we gathered outside by its open door, the candelit interior sending out a welcome.  Prayers for those facing exams and dissertations,  for the whole University community,  for our country on this Election day, for the repose of former students who died in the two World Wars (VE Day anniversary tomorrow)...The students  had brought lanterns to light the little old chapel - the big candle-lanterns that are used for NightFever, and glowing votive candles in blue glass, honouring Mary.  Afterwards, freshly-brewed coffee and cake and lots of lively chat...a lovely May morning celebration celebrating a special heritage.

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