Monday, April 20, 2015

...and meanwhile in San Francisco...

...a major on-line secular newspaper ran a questionaire on the topic of the Archbishop's upholding of Catholic moral teachings in Catholic schools.

The thing began because the San Francisco Chronicle ran an advertisment paid for by rich Catholics demanding that the Archbishop be sacked: they are angry because he is upholding the teaching that Catholic teachers in  Catholic schools should abide by Catholic moral teaching on sex and marriage. The rich-team think that as "prominent Catholics" they must tell him to stop doing that.

Here's the latest, reported by the CWR Blog,  and you can read more here...

The San Francisco Chronicle, the newspaper that published the appeal, is the largest circulation daily in northern California, owned by the Hearst group. Its online twin is SFGate, with 22 million visitors monthly.
To reinforce the impact of the appeal’s publication, SFGate also launched a questionnaire with four pre-determined answers—two pro and two con—to this question: Should Pope Francis remove Archbishop Cordileone from the San Francisco archdiocese?
And what came of it? The overwhelming majority lined up not to fire the archbishop, but to defend him.
For the sake of accuracy, at noon on Sunday, April 19th, here are the results of the questionnaire:
77% answered: “No, the archbishop is upholding the values of the Catholic Church.”
11%: “Yes, the archbishop is fostering a climate of intolerance.”
10%: “No, the archbishop is right to oppose same-sex marriage.”
2%: “Yes, his morality clauses for teachers in parochial schools defies the law.”
Evidently, the signatories of the appeal are “prominent Catholics”, but they have neither the pulse nor the following of bulk of the faithful, not even in the U.S. city depicted by the media as the most “liberal”.

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Nechama said...

Yes, the SFC is more left than liberal. I'm not surprised they would put in a paid ad/poll like that. I'm glad Catholics in SF stood up for him.