Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Glorious and rather exciting cloudbursts...

...great clattering, rattling, hard-to-talk-above-the-noise rain, driven initially by roaring gusts of wind. Not, somehow,  English rain, not the insistent drizzle that has shaped our culture and greened our land over centuries. This is weird and magnificent rain, and in London it is all rather enjoyable. No floods - at least, so far -  and plenty of places to shelter...but it has been fairly ghastly for people in various other parts of the country, and the rain shows no sign of stopping tonight.

Meeting of LOGS, the Ladies Ordinariate Group, yesterday evening. We tried, and failed, to get the DVD to work and so we didn't watch the film of Mother Teresa that had been planned. It sits forlornly on the table in the Rectory reproachfully.  We did, however, have a good discussion and have planned an excellent year of activities. Tackled a whole lot of envelopes for a big schools project. Arranged our forthcoming trip to Littlemore. Booked a Church Music workshop for the Autumn, and a talk on CS Lewis.

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