Friday, January 03, 2014

A casual mention of CS Lewis... a New Year gathering got me thinking about him and, as so often happens, I then found his name cropping up again and again, or seemed to notice books by him on every other shelf I passed.  So I am now, with great enjoyment, deep in a book with some wonderful extracts from his letters and essays..."CS Lewis - The authentic Voice" (Lion, paperback, 1986). Recommended.

Have also been reading a lot about Pope Francis - a spate of biographies, of varying quality, on sale this Christmas. But I am about to write some reviews for various publications so can't/won't write about them here...

Was deep in CS Lewis on a bus so got a bit worried when I realised we had crossed Battersea Bridge and passed Prince of Wales Drive and I probably needed the next stop for Clapham Junction and might miss it.  I turned to the  passenger next to me, who had also been deep in a book  - and to our mutual surprise it was a a friend, who just that day had been asked to contact me to invite me to a new John Paul II Prayer Group that meets in London...a piece of Providence!  So I hope to go along, and the leaflet with the information is tucked into the Lewis book as a bookmark.

We are getting daily and nightly massive downpours, the Thames Barrier has been lowered, and there is much news of flooding in different places. Darkening skies at midday give a strange atmosphere.

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Gord Wilson said...

This doesn't have a lot to do with C.S. Lewis, but it does have to do with P.G. Wodehouse, whom I was delighted to hear you mention while on The Journey Home. The entire show was delightful, I mused, while quaffing a Newcastle. I am a 2001 convert, and 2.5 Brits helped lead me home. Really three authors, whom I read for apologetics: Chesterton, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Thomas Howard, who's not really a Brit, but he's like T.S. Eliot, but for stopping short of moving to the UK. Cheers!