Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The feast of theTransfiguration...

(Aug 6th) is also the day on which the Servant of God  Paul VI died, in 1978.

He was named a Servant of God by Pope Benedict XVI, opening up the way for beatification and canonisation.

He saw the Second Vatican Council through to its conclusion, he gave us Humanae Vitae - a prophetic and wise message, the truth and importance of which are daily more and more evident -  he endured consistent vilification and public criticism of a most vociferous and brutal kind, he was a man of faith and real moral courage. Pope Francis has recently spoken of him, and I am sure we will one day see him listed among the saints of the Church.


Graham Draper said...

To Ms Bogle,
Spoke to You at Evangelium the other day, could You please remind me of the titles of those childrens' fictional books we spoke of? As I recall I described them as "famous five with rosaries".

Joanna Bogle said...

Delighted. There is just one book. It's "We didn't mean to start a school" and you can order it from Gracewing Publishing, 2 Southern Avenue, Leominster HR6 OQF. It's written under my pen-name "Julia Blythe".