Friday, August 16, 2013

...and now here I am in Alabama...

...which is great, except that my luggage is in Dallas, Texas.  But I expect the airline people will arrange to get it here in due course - at least that is what they have promised - and so meanwhile I am catching up on work and being made v. welcome by colleagues here at EWTN.

Fortunately the v. comfortable hotel where I stayed last night was able to provide toothbrush, comb etc, and I have long learned about washing clothes overnight, drying them with an hotel hairdryer and so on.

Took part in a discussion on Register Radio this morning, along with Joan Lewis, EWTN's Rome correspondent.  It is depressing that the main news I needed to report from Britain was the Govt's ghastly imposition of  same-sex "marriage" and the subsequent threats to freedom of debate and discussion, the rights of Catholic schools and educators, etc. And there is no point in just making cheerful noises or hoping that somehow things will be all right: things are not going to be all right, and we are all going to need courage in the years ahead.

Mass at EWTN, crowded, prayerful. An upbeat feel about the whole place,. Normally when I am here I am v. busy, working on programmes.  Today, various meetings, plus time spent organising the safe return of my luggage.

The role played by EWTN in the fight for the soul of America has been a remarkable one.  There have been some remarkable achievements,  some crucial gains have been made, and it's still a work in progress, "but westward, look! the land is bright..."


Anonymous said...

Always have spare underwear and a toothbrush in your hand luggage!

Oona said...

More power to you, Joanna. Those of us promoting traditional marriage in the UK are consoled.

Those who get it, get it. Those who don't, attack. We are immune. We expect no support from those in the public eye and we work hidden.

Bless you for your work. Pray for us.

Manny said...

Glad you find positive, but I've been close to despair over the state of my country (the US). I've never seen it so morally low in my life.

Todd said...

And her in the U.S. we have an administration determined to force it's homosexual agenda on the rest of the world thru it's foreign policy program. Add to that the near obsession with same sex marriage by the same lame duck administration, and as Manny stated, Ive never seen our country so morally bankrupt in my life.