Saturday, August 31, 2013

...and so...

...Auntie's trip around Australia continued...a good crowd at Wagga Wagga, where I met some delightful Dominican Sisters.  This is a thriving Catholic diocese, with its own seminary, founded in the 1990s. There is an upbeat feel to the Church here, and I hugely enjoyed my visit.   Sunday Mass at the Cathedral, which was packed with lots of young families(but had quite the most dreadful music I have heard in any church for some while...dreary little dog-eared booklets in the pews with sad American ditties from the 1970s...oh dear. Surely a Cathedral from a fine diocese like this should have a choir and some music that all can sing together? )  Then on to Melborne,, where I stayed with relatives and was given a warm welcome...more talks, all organised by Freedom Publishing.

News in Australia was dominated by the forthcoming general election. The current Labour Prime Minister is standing again and has pledged himself to introduce male-male   and female-female "marriage", which is a good reason to ensure that he isn't re-elected. 

And we must all pray that our govt here does NOT start bombing Syria...PM Cameron's attempt to involve our country in the dreadful events there is just all wrong and no good will come of it.

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Anonymous said...

Auntie Joanna,

Your description "sad American ditties from the 1970s" so accurately describes the dreadful campfire songs with guitars we so frequently hear at Mass.

Music that might be appropriate for a group of kids in an outdoor setting is not appropriate for Sunday Mass. It's tasteless and undignified.

There are so many good hymns that are beautiful, appropriate and much easier to sing! Why do they resort to these insipid psuedo-folksongs?