Saturday, June 15, 2013

We haven't yet begun to examine fully...

...the ghastly things that are going to happen over the next years, as the reality of  the destruction of marriage finds its way, into the everyday reality of  a muddled and collapsing society. Already, we are all too uncomfortably aware of the miserable attempts by fatherless boys to find some relief and identity in brutality and gang-culture. We are conscious of the social chaos of children who lack identity, a family structure, a knowledge of who they are, commitment. We know, with a growing sense of horror, that it is going to be extremely difficult to care for people as they get old and frail, with family structures disintegrating.

Read this - be warned that you need a strong stomach - on the frightening things that are happening in the world of  "sperm selling".   Read here  to find out more about the reality of  the plight of the fatherless.

Trendy clichés and gooey fashionable attitudes have masked a descent into a dreadful and cruel situation.  Over the next years, Christian charity will be a beacon of hope - living it, sharing it, teaching it, will require courage and generosity. Ready?

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Malcolm said...

Good links.

As the second article says, it really takes two generations for a change like on demand divorce to have its full effect. In generation one, there are usually two sets of married grandparents. In generation two, these have been swept away, and there are no points of stability, so divorce has a much bigger impact.

The good thing is that the terms of debate have changed. There's still no political will to actually do anything about it, but at least most people now realise that we have a problem.