Tuesday, June 18, 2013


...organised by the FAITH Movement and held at St Patrick's, Soho Square. Superb speakers: Canon Luiz Ruscillo, Bishop Phillip Egan, and George Weigel.  The whole day was full of inspiration and encouragement on the theme of the New Evangelisation. Weigel is an excellent speaker, by turns amusing, interesting, and challenging - and he gave us a fine sweep of Church history, putting the Second Vatican Council in its full perspective  and offering a practical vision for the way ahead, centred on a Catholicism which is  rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Bishop Philip gave us a most inspiring address, emphasising prayer at the core of the New Evangelisation. And Fr Luiz opened the day with a sparkling look at the Church today, the sober realities, and the great possibilities for the future. All this plus a beautiful Mass, a time of Adoration, Benediction, opportunities for confession...and St Patrick's is in a corner of London with lots of history, so we had a short History Walk too...


Marianne said...

And wonderful hospitality,food, wine fraternity, conviviality and good cheer too! A great day Joanna, thank you so much for organising it and all the hard work you put into it. Looking forward to the next one, happy to help with the organisation, practicalities etc.

Anonymous said...

Owing to work commitments I was not able to attend this day. Do you know whether there were recording made of these talks?

Caroline said...

Dear Joanna,

God Bless you for your programmes on EWTN with your husband. Your forthright, no-nonsense approach is well appreciated.

Re:The New Evangelisation.

Are you aware of Dr.Ricardo Castanon Ph.D? I came across by accident a Conference that he organised in Spanish with English Subs. - voicing his findings regarding Mystical phenomena and his studies into the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus. He was called upon in Buenos Aires to take part in studies into a "Eucharistic Miracle" in 1999. He was a former Atheist, and his findings that the "flesh" that was being analysed was in fact Heart Tissue of a living man - an impossibility. He also has discovered that every Eucharistic Miracle has scientifically been shown to originate from the same "Man" - and that "man" is evidently the "Man in the Turin Shroud" and the "Sudarium of Oviedo"

The Doctor, has also been tremendously useful to the Catholic Church already - as he is often called upon to judge whether Catholic Visionaries are "genuine" or not, by the examining of their "Brain waves" during their "conversations with Jesus"

Since his findings and experience prove the "Real Presence" scientifically, - confirm that the "Turin Shroud" is the same being that becomes truly present on Catholic Altars - I wondered if there was anything that you, personally could do as a fellow Catholic and Journalist to advertise his findings more?

I am positive that many Christians (Catholic or otherwise) would immensely benefit from learning that Our Lord Jesus is indeed proven by Scientific Investigation to be truly presentin a Consecrated Host - it might inspire greater respect and reverence if a paper like the Catholic Herald were to advertise his findings.

There is a Conference on Youtube of Dr Castanon's that really would be a terrific evangelising tool for some of the Catholic Media. Perhaps you could use your influence in modern day Catholic Journalism and Media to broadcast this Doctor's work..

The Segment of the Conference where the Doctor is evangelising his involvement and findings with the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires is at this link.


Part 1/7 of his conference is here.


God Bless you Joanna. Thank you for your work.

Malcolm said...


I know nothing of Dr Ricardo Castanon. For all I know he might be a completely sincere, honest, insightful man. But I strongly urge you to have caution dealing with people making these kinds of claims. A lot of them turn out to be either frauds or wishful thinking. So the Church very seldom actively promotes this kind of thing. There are the odd exceptions, like Fatima and Lourdes, but these are only two out of many people who claim to hear messages from the Virgin Mary.