Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A vocation to the Carmelites... a precious thing. And here is one that needs some help.

At the weekend, while at Maryvale, I met a lady who has been accepted as a postulant in the Carmelites, and all was going well...but she has a problem. She owns a small house on the outskirts of Birmingham and has been unable to sell it.  She is not allowed, under Church law, to enter a religious order until she has sorted out obligations of this sort. The house is a modest one, and she needs to sell it in order to pay off the mortgage and be free to follow her call.

Can you help? The convent has released her until the sale goes through. She is working as a supply teacher...and is desperate for help in getting this small house sold!  Any offers of help/advice would be appreciated. Send a COMMENT to this Blog marking it "Not for publication" and INCLUDING IN IT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so that I can contact you.

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