Friday, January 04, 2013


...and Mass at Precious Blood Church, London Bridge, with Mgr Keith Newton, of the Ordinariate. A meeting aftwards - everyone crowded into the Parish Room, a large attendance - to hear about the church being given into Ordinariate care. There is lots happening w. the Ordinariate as 2013 opens, and there will be more to come.  The Pr Blood  arrangement will show how an Ordinariate model can work. It promises well.

I had spent the day with relatives, enjoying the Pre-Raphaelites at the Tate Gallery. The exhibition includes some of the most loved and famous, including Christ in the home of his parents. Huge crowds - we arrived at 12 noon, and were only able to get tickets for 2pm. A long chatty lunch w. a delightful niece - talked about lots and lots of things, altho' honesty compels me to note that among them was a detailed plan for future episodes of Downton Abbey (fast-forward to WWII we decided, and young Sybil is a plucky ex-deb of the sort who parachutes into occupied France, while her cousin -  surely be named Matthew after his father - joins up in 1942/3 so could either be captured at Singapore or do something brave at Alamein...)

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