Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A happy day...

...working with a friend on a project involving Bl. John Paul (details later, much later. Work in progress).

Incidentally, there are stories on the Web about a possible canonisation this year?  I had been thinking that 2015 was a bit more likely, possible World Youth Day in Krakow, 10th anniversary of his  departure from this life?

Off to the USA shortly to do some work for EWTN: much emailing back and forth about items needed for TV series, preparations neccesary etc. They are efficient, and also fun to work with. Every time I go there are minor adventures.  One year I  was unwell and had to go to hospital (excellent treatment: was able to return to EWTN and complete my programmes).  Another year I arrived with a broken arm following a fall, and then found myself in the middle of an unexpected snowtorm in Alabama (where snow is almost unknown),  marooned in a house far away from any shops one could get to EWTN through the snowbound roads. Some tins of food in the house but cooking was a bit difficult:  the kind friars based at EWTN came to the rescue, taking me carefully across the slithery surfaces of a silent snowbound campus to their monastery for supper...

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Mrs Coates said...

Dear Mrs Bogle
I happened to see you on TV this evening and was very heartened by your principled resolve and views! There are many of us from different denominations joining a growing movement of love and concern to preserve our Christian culture. I am personally very committed to this too and we recently held a conference for next generation leaders
We will pray for you and thank God for your tremendous life and witness in His strength.
Sincerely Pamela Coates UK